Stilt Fishing

Stilt fishing is usually known as “Ritipanna” in the Sinhalese term. This is a very popular and traditional fishing action for most of the fishermen on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Play Jigsaw puzzle

Free online jigsaw puzzle - Stilt Fishing
Free online jigsaw puzzle – Stilt Fishing

Story of the Stilt Fishing

Sea is too rough during the southwest monsoon and this time is the off-season for boat fishing. So most of the boat fishermen are involved in stilt fishing to cover their day-to-day wages. Because of that, usually, stilt fishing season starts at the off-season of the boat fishing and fishermen are lineup in the southern coastal belt during this time. There are two main sessions and the morning session goes on till about 9:00 a.m., or until they sold their day’s catch to buyers who come to the fishing site. Usually, Stilt fishermen can catch small fish like spotted herring and tiny mackerel. The evening session is usually to entertain the foreigners and that will goes till sunset.

Stilt fishermen do not have sophisticated equipment for fishing so everything required for the fishing is made by themself. The stilt they are living in is made by using wooden poles. One pole is anchor to the sea bed and another one is placed like a crossbar. The fishermen sit on the horizontal bar. They create a rod made of “Kitul” (Caryota urens)  for catching the fish, and a small pouch is tied around the waist to hold the caught fish. 

It seems to be an easy task, but actually, this art requires a lot of patience and endurance. The most important part is to maintain a balance while setting on the narrow plank. Then need to wait several hours while maintaining claim and quietness to catch the fish. After a few hours usually the fishermen feel numbness in their feet but they should not move or make any sound. Because that is cause fish to swim away.

About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island country in South Asia, located in the Indian Ocean southwest of the Bay of Bengal and southeast of the Arabian Sea. (Wikipedia). The land area of the island country is around 65,000 km² and that is covered by beautiful beaches. Few of the very famous beaches of the Sri Lanka is NilaveliUnawatuna, and Arugam Bay 

This traditional fishing method is one of the best tourists attraction activity in Sri Lanka. Therefore added this activity to explore Sri Lanka Free online jigsaw puzzle set to provide more fun and learning for the visitors. 

The below photo shows the beauty of the fishing site during sundown in the koggala beach area.  

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Stilt Fishing - Explore Sri Lanka, free online Jigsaw puzzle