We provide paper-based schools exams into online mode for you to assess yourself via verifying real knowledge of the tested subjects in convenience way. You can answer and practice hundreds of sample questions before heading out for the exam room.

Key Benefits

  • Practice under test conditions
  • Learn to manage your exam time effectively
  • Gain confidence and reduce study time
  • Learn to apply effective “test taking strategies”
  • Confirm that you are improving with every simulation
  • Be ready to take the exam
  • Highly realistic exam questions
  • Past papers and schools term test
  • Retake all exams as many times as you like
  • Based on the most current exam content outlines
  • Explanations for all answers


Encourage you to answer the quizzes and self-evaluate your IQ and General knowledge. We have more than 10000(s) of quizzes in our data bank which will help to improve your brain capacity more and more.

It’s kind of game, We implement game mechanics into the learning process. Examples of game mechanics are (high) scores, levels, achievements, immediate feedback loops and time pressure. These elements are what makes a game a game, and if applied correctly they make it fun to play the game. Our current technology enables educators to implement game dynamics in their work

Time to time we organised online quiz competitions with our community. You can participate and play against each other to get the highest score to become the winner. Winners will get the cash prizes, vouchers and mobile reloads etc.

It’s a game, which can also be called a mind sport wherein the players, either as individuals or in teams attempt to answer questions posed to them correctly, in order to win a prize. Register our site and take more quiz and practice yourself well enough to compete the competition. Good Luck…!