G.C.E. (O/L) - Business & Accounting Studies


We have over 1000's of MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) in our data repository which are captured from O/L past papers,Term Tests and Model Exams. Exempt past paper exams, all other exams bring randomised questions for each attempt. Multiple re-tries will cover more questions and we suggest you to practice again and again for better results. End of the Exam you can evaluate your self. User can select any of the following exams as convenient. Practice, Practice, Practice. All the very best.

Practice Test

Recommended for new users as practice exam. Total number of questions available in the exam is 4 and allocated time is 6 minutes.

Exam 1

Allocated time for this exam is 30 minutes and you will get 20 random questions. try again and again for practised more questions.

Exam 2

Allocated time for this exam is 60 minutes and will get 40 random questions at a time. Similar to O/L exam paper - 1.

Quick result

No time allocation for this exam. You can review the answers at the same time via practicing. Maximum questions per exam is 20.

Past Papers

G.C.E. (O/L) past papers in online mode