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Solve the crossword puzzle by filling in the Desert Animal's Names

The crossword puzzle is highly beneficial to your brain’s functionality and development. You can imagine the desert animal’s name via seen the pictures and the clue given bottom of the puzzle. Further, you can’t guess, click the Show Hint section and find the few support characters provided for each guess. So, you can make it easier by pre-filling those letters into your puzzle and try to find the correct name for the given clue. 

Supportive picture for Desert Animals Crossword puzzle.
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1. Bites rarely cause health complications in humans and aren't typically dangerous
2. Type of poisonous snake
3. Characterised by a leathery armour shell and long sharp claws for digging.
4. Dark patches around their eyes
5. It colourful lizards
6. Rattle located at the end of their tails
7. Can drink up to 40 gallons of water in one go
8. They have bald head and sometimes bald throat
9. Incredible passion and power